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According to the statement of the Secretary General of the United Nations on 8th December 2023: More than 17,000 Palestinians have reportedly been killed since the start of Israel's military operations. This includes over 4,000 women and 7,000 children. Tens of thousands are reported to have been injured, and many are missing, presumably under the rubble.

Around 130 UN workers have been killed. 339 education facilities, 26 hospitals, 56 healthcare facilities, 88 mosques, and 60% of Gaza's housing have been damaged or destroyed. The US government has been supplying arms to Israel, which it has used to kill innocent civilians and journalists in Palestine. On December 8, 2023, the US government vetoed a call for a ceasefire in the UN Security Council.

Silence in these times would be complicity in the crimes being committed against the civilians in Gaza. An immediate ceasefire is the only way to stop their suffering.

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